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During Summer 2019, I was a Product Content Strategist Intern on the professional hosting design team at Airbnb. While I can't quite share the exact details yet, I can give you a general idea of what I worked on in the meantime!

Here's some of the work I did:
Conducted an internal audit of host-facing pages to drive inclusion of new contextual information to aid hosts in identifying guests.
 Analyzed how competitors talk about performance insights to influence a new set of content principles used to redesign an existing host tool
 Translated technical concepts and wrote clear microcopy to create a concise and educational new user flow
 Generated a discussion guide and moderated user research and 6 testing sessions to determine customer needs for a new host feature
 Crafted a content framework and collaborated with experience design, engineering, and product teammates to develop a new host feature
 Authored 3 Help Center articles to assist hosts in learning how to use and troubleshoot new features

Here's some of the skills I used:
Content auditing • UX writing • Wireframing • Rapid prototyping • User research • User testing
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